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Rigor, collaboration, and innovation in the performing arts is something I greatly admire; I value fostering critical thinking skills as a foundation for dance, bringing the whole person to the studio within the practice. As a dance educator, I honor my students, challenging their learning, and improving my own practice.


I am constantly aiming to decolonize my pedagogy to remain socially conscious and I strive to create and maintain learning environments that are diverse, inclusive, and safe for all students. Above all, I cherish the one-on-one relationship I cultivate with each of my students as I guide them to think critically on their own while discovering their unique artistic voice.

Sydney-interactive choreography NYU.JPG
Sydney-interactive choreography NYU.JPG

Composition classes are based in structured improvisation as I guide dancers to discover how they move authentically. We discuss elements of dance and how to approach this in a unique way, while referencing work that focuses on space, shape, time, and energy as collaborators. Students in my composition class are required to work with students in Design and Sound Technology to inspire and create their final choreographic work.


There is a strong sense of physicality in my classroom: getting into each crevice of the body, searching for new more efficient ways of moving. The dialogue I foster is centered in imagery and strategy. My contemporary technique is based on suspension, fall & recovery, as well as deconstructing codified movement patterns. I believe that explorative movement phrasing allows students to dig deep into the process.

Sydney-teaching1 by      Kevin Boland.jpg
Sydney-collaboration with Media Arts.JPG

Interdisciplinary Work

Working with other artists is exciting for me as a choreographer and a teacher. It is incredibly inspiring for me to collaborate with different disciplines integrating methods across mediums. This collaborative process is at the center of my work as a creator.

The show I directed this fall worked across six disciplines on campus including: Music, Fashion Design, Film, Multimedia Arts, and Culinary Arts. 

Courses Taught

Allan Hancock College:

  • Dance Appreciation 

  • Ballet I, II & III

  • Modern I, II & III

  • Composition & Choreography 

  • Performance Lab

  • Dance Ensemble

Texas Tech University:

  • Beg. & Int. Ballet 

  • Contemporary Technique

  • Jazz Technique 

  • Principles of Choreography I

  • Movement for the Actor 


Joffrey South: 

  • Blue Level Ballet

  • Purple Level Ballet 

  • Pointe Class

  • Purple Level Contemporary 

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